About Us

Family Medicine is a specialty. Like other branches of medicine, it has its own unique body of knowledge and training.

Family doctors study in six broad areas of medicine (pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry and community medicine) to learn how to give each patient continuing and comprehensive health care regardless of age or sex in the environment of his family and community.

Equally important, their training teaches them to practice “preventive” medicine. In other words, they learn not only how to get you well, but how to keep you healthy.

Family Medicine was approved as a specialty in 1969 but the concept is as old as medicine. The difference is that the family doctors of today are highly trained and must prove themselves periodically.

To be certified as a specialist in Family Medicine, a physician must pass an intensive examination given by the specialty’s certifying board, The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM). He or she must also have completed a three-year residency program. The residency requirement is the difference between general practice and Family Practice.

In addition, an American Board of Family Medicine diplomate must be re-certified every seven years. Family Medicine was the first specialty with this requirement. To be re-certified the Family Medicine physician must complete 300 hours of continuing education and pass Board examination again.

The physicians in our Clinic are Board Certified in Family Medicine.