Phone Calls

We are with patients most of the time and not able to take a call directly. However, if you feel you must speak with someone please give as much information to the message secretary as possible. A staff member will return your call as time permits during the day and after appointment hours. So you may get the best care possible, it’s usually better to make an appointment to see the physician.

How We Handle Prescriptions Refills

We encourage you to look ahead and ask for prescription refills during weekday office hours. Check your medicine supply often and allow 2 business days for refills. Don’t wait until the last minute. If you need a refill, leave a message with our message secretary, who will relay the request to your doctor. The nurse will call you back if the prescription is not renewable. You must see a physician at least annually for the physician to renew your prescriptions. Check with your pharmacy before you go there to be sure your prescription is ready.

Please help us by having the following information at hand when you call for a prescription refill: your name, the doctor you see, the exact name of the prescription , dosage (milligrams, etc.), the name and location of the pharmacy.

If you use a mail order program please notify us 2 weeks prior to needing a re-supply. We will write out the prescription for you to pick up. If you have a form from your company include all your identifying information on the form.

After the Office is Closed

Since we have very extensive office hours, the need for calls when the office is closed should be minimal. Office staff answers the phones Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. However, should the need for an after hours call arise, we have a physician who can be reached through our answering service at (806)359-4701. The answering service will take your message and notify the doctor on call. The doctor on call will return your call.

The doctors request that calls be limited for urgent problems and not for routine matters.